Mirka is a co-founder and a Growth Marketing Strategist at Balanced Growth Boutique. She is a multitalent who loves to sing. In addition to the seven years spent in Helsinki, she has also lived in the US and France.

Mirka is looking forward to sharing her thoughts about work-life as a millennial and anything related to our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

When she is off work she loves to do yoga, go ice swimming, do kettlebell and bodyweight workouts, read books, go hiking or hang out with her friends. 

She is a lifetime explorer and usually goes for the project or task where she can improve herself the most.

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Somewhere after turning 30, Mikko realized that sharing his challenges and life experiences openly can guide himself and his peers towards personal growth in different life areas.

Mikko is looking forward to sharing his balancing rehearsals from the last ten years. These will include thoughts about studies, entrepreneurship, work in the field of knowledge-intensive business services, recovery, city explorations, and mind-altering practice. He will also share some learnings from his daily work at the Helsinki-based technology growth company. In addition, Mikko acts as an advisor to Balanced Growth Boutique. 

When he is off work, he goes for runs and tries to attend yoga classes regularly. Newer hobbies include swimming and salsa dancing. One of the most important things for him is to change the place of work during the weekdays between cafés, libraries, and the downtown office.

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