When I sat down to write this opening article for this blog, the idea for starting this blog was approximately four months old. We bought the blog domain on October 13th, 2019 after a few days of ideation. Then somewhere during the Christmas holiday, we got the idea of writing individual articles on why we are doing this.

Why did we decide to do this? Although we had had multiple discussions related to the goals of this blog we both understood we still need to crystallize the vision for it. We definitely shared some level of common vision and perception about what we are striving at. But we also knew that we perceive all this in our own individual ways, and this may be interesting for both our early readers and for ourselves. This most likely leads to better alignment of our thinking with Mirka.

First of All, a Learning Platform

For me, Work-Life Balance in Helsinki is a learning platform. When I review my own life in retrospect I have started to recognize more and more (turning) points that have enabled personal adaptation and learning. Now it is easy to see those situations and circumstances as learning platforms. Even though it wasn’t that visible at the time of them on hand. But now it starts to be, and I really want to highlight it and share my personal thoughts about it with you. And I think it pretty well aligns with the need for life-long learning, which more often gets promoted as the superpower of modern working life. At least here in Finland.

This said I was able to define five themes wherein this Work-Life Balance in Helsinki blog project can serve as a learning platform.

1. For Writing

I want to become a better writer. I estimate having written more than a hundred blog articles in my life. But most of them were in Finnish. This blog offers me a platform for improving my writing skills in English. This applies to Mirka also. Or I think so. In the future, this may also be a platform for other writers to improve and express themselves.

Additionally, I have understood, to some extent, that writing can be a very fruitful way to process your thoughts. I want to enforce this. I also want to enforce those many positive habits that seem to create value for me by writing about them. What do I mean by this? The reality is that not all the things I will write about here are easy for me in everyday life. But writing about them already when you have seen the glimpse of positiveness in them can, maybe, make them stick.

2. For Digital Marketing Skills

I believe that good quality content is, and will be, the cornerstone of successful digital marketing. There will be plenty of opportunities to train our (digital) marketing skills within this project. Starting from defining and understanding our audience to email campaigning. Let’s see, we may even get to publish videos on Youtube. Who knows.

Based on my experience, many of the skills needed in the space of digital marketing are still initially learned by starting up a personal project. And those additional skills learned through your personal project may become the leverage, which helps you to land your next job.

3. For Relationship Cooperation

There is no reason to hide it. One of the drivers behind this blog is the fact that we use quite many hours of the week to discuss work and wellbeing related topics with Mirka. Maintaining a good discussion (between two of us) is something we are pretty good at. But there is no reason to hide another thing either.

We have already had moments of poor communication during the planning phase of this semi-professional project. I refer to moments where we caught ourselves not communicating our thoughts to each other clearly enough. So this will definitely be a good way to measure our true team spirit.

4. For Personal Work-Life Balance

We have invested quite a lot of time and energy in finding our own work-life balance here in Helsinki. One of our findings is this. It is hard to find a balance. It may not even be possible. We are always in flux. That’s why we need to be balancing all the time. This theme is something we will definitely discuss in the future.

One interesting thing is to ask ourselves whether we will harm our own (work) life balance due to this project. This would, of course, be sad, but it is possible. This is something we need to stop to review every now and then. We aim to do it by writing. Like I mentioned above in the chapter related to writing, I think it can be a good tool for reviewing your learning and thinking.

Additionally, I need to now mention that I, by no means, consider myself as a professional what comes to my own work-life balance, but definitely a curious learner.

5. Possibly a Learning Platform for You

By sharing our own experiences and thoughts we hope to increase the awareness of the work-life balance as a topic. I hope that you and other readers would get to share your own learnings. It can be done by commenting on our writing in the comments (below) or by sending us a message.

It would be so cool if this blog could really be considered as a collective learning platform for “all things work-life balance”.